Podiatry Coding

Podiatry Coding Overview

PPodiatry medical coding is vital for medical claim processes. As one of the reputable medical coding companies in the US, AHCBS offers customized podiatry medical coding services that will ideally meet your requirements. Our professionals keep up to date with the day to day changes in the insurance field and HealthCare industry.

AHCBS provides consistent and accurate Medical Coding Support from Skilled Professionals:

At AHCBS, we follow a transparent policy so that our clients get the right amount of dues. Our medical coders are AAPC certified and have extensive knowledge in the latest CPT codes, ICD-9 codes, HCPCS codes, modifiers, RBRVS Values, CCI Edits, Medicare guidelines, Local Medicare Review Policies and Evaluation and Management guidelines. Our team has expertise in advanced technologies and multiple coding software.

Medical coders at AHCB are well versed in medical terminology related to pharmacology and podiatry procedures such as foot radiological examination, foot care-routine, treatment of keratotic lesions, incision and drainage of abscess of the foot, fungal cultures of toenail clippings, treatment of warts on the foot by paring or curettement, avulsion or excision of toenail plate and debridement services.

Our Podiatry Medical Coding Covers:

  • Hospital / in-patient coding
  • Temporary podiatry coding to cover vacations, medical leaves and employee turnover
  • Backlog podiatry medical coding resolution services
  • OIG and RAC audit defense
  • Medical coding audits
  • DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations
  • CPT medical coding
  • ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines
Client Testimonial

We have used AHCBS from the start of our practice in March 2008. Being new to the billing aspect of the medical field myself, I have found AHCBS to be very helpful in guiding us with helpful, knowledgeable information. They are prompt and professional and have proven to be an asset to our company.
Nate Brennan, DPM, Oneida, Tenn.

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