Client Benefits

AHCBS Client Benefits

Whether you’re a new podiatrist or a veteran, American HealthCare Billing Services (AHCBS) can improve your practice. We understand that outsourcing such an important part of your business is a major decision, but our clients across the country will tell you it’s one they don’t regret.

  1. Experienced Professionals

    We are specialists in podiatry. Our experienced professionals understand all aspects of the business, from patient care to the proper insurance codes. Billing generalists might not understand the difference between covered and non-covered routine foot care. We do

  2. Lower Administrative Costs

    Outsourcing to AHCBS can lower your administrative costs. Take advantage of our experience and expertise and save on personnel, postage, and training expenses – not to mention time and stress. Our affordable rates will help your practice grow in today’s tight economy.

  3. Increase In Cashflow

    We are committed to increasing your cash flow. An experienced podiatric coder and doctor of podiatric medicine personally reviews the billing statements to ensure they will be processed and paid without delay. Our dedicated team tracks claims through the process and follows up with insurance companies to minimize denials and increase revenue.

  4. Up to Date With Changing Regulations

    Outsourcing allows doctors to focus on patient care while AHCBS stays on top of the latest changes in billing codes, insurance rules and regulations. Our podiatry-exclusive specialists will provide free training for your staff on proper coding to maximize reimbursement.

  1. Personal Attention

    Our personal attention to each client sets us apart. We are passionate about seeing your practice thrive and have proven strategies for success.

  2. Dedicated DPM

    DPM is available 24/7 to answer your billing and coding questions and to discuss revenue-generating strategies.

  3. Expert Advice

    Get services and advice from experts. AHCBS is listed as a resource for the Podiatry Manual, and our staff includes the editor for Present e-Learning in the area of EMR, practice management, billing, and coding.

  4. Reduced Billing Staff Turnover

    No longer will you have to worry about billing staff turnover. Outsourcing to AHCBS eliminates the frustration, time and money you have to spend on hiring and training your office staff. Let AHCBS be your loyal partner.

  5. Smooth Transition

    Transferring your billing to AHCBS will be a smooth transition. We begin with a free consultation to understand your billing protocols and then develop a custom plan to improve your billing processes. Within days we will have your practice setup to work with AHCBS to send claims electronically. We complete all the paperwork with the clearinghouse and assist to ensure a positive, painless and profitable change.

    American HealthCare Billing Services ,LLC is a full-service podiatry-exclusive billing company. Founded in 2003, our firm has billed for more than 60 podiatrists in 22 states. Our expert team works with podiatrists nationwide to decrease stress of the billing and, more important, to increase cash flow. Our team collectively has more than four decades of experience in the field of podiatry,


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