HIPAA Compilance

HIPAA Compilance at AHCBS

Compliance is of utmost importance to us and we take every precaution to remain HIPAA compliant. Billing regulations are always changing. At AHCBS, compliance matters are implemented and closely monitored through out the organization. Whether it’s billing compliance or HIPAA compliance, our strict compliance to all laws attests to our highly ethical standards, ongoing client satisfaction, and position as a leader in Podiatry Billing.

We continuously strive to improve quality and competence of services performed through continuing education. Comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs are conducted for the entire team of AHCB on a quarterly basis.

Security Measures:

  • STEP 1: Secured and dedicated infrastructure
  • STEP 2: Staff screening and background checks
  • STEP 3: Confidentiality agreements with staff
  • STEP 4: 24/7 Campus security
  • STEP 4: Critical data and media stored in fire proof cabinets

System Security and Access Controls:

  • STEP 1: Firewalls implemented
  • STEP 2: CAnti-Virus software installed
  • STEP 3: Disabled CD drives, USB ports and WiFi etc…
  • STEP 4: User ids and passwords to log into client systems
  • STEP 4: Folder access controls in place

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