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Our billing services can help you get rid of issues related to insurance denials. Getting paid for podiatric claims can be a tough battle. From, convincing insurers about the necessity of the claim, to documenting to the highest level of specificity, and digit level completeness. Let us wage this battles for you. After handling dozens, of patients’ everyday, you’re probably too tired to check. One of the major reasons for denied podiatry claims is that the patient is ineligible. Verifying whether the patient has a chronic disease that demands regular foot care is important, to avoid fall outs with insurers and denied claims.

Our eligibility verification team performs thorough checks, to save you the trouble of arguing with insurers.

The podiatry-driven difficulties of medical billing encompass patient billing also. A podiatrist’s patient balance process is more challenging because most of the balances are quite sizable. Coupling this with the difficulties of explaining to a patient their complicated Explanation of Benefits and the podiatry terminology on their bills drives the need for patient collection specialists that have a strong expertise in podiatry billing. If patients are not handled with care, then podiatrists will see their patient collections fall and their patient complains rise which is not a good combination.

Podiatry billing is not all about assigning the right codes and following up on claims. It takes a lot more effort to get that elusive check into your account. We assign ICD codes that support the medical necessity of the procedure. And assign exact codes for the level of service.

AHCBS has dedicated teams to handle every aspect of your billing cycle. We have a dedicated team to handle key phases such as claims creation, claim scrubbing, charge entry, AR calling, and denial management. We also have quality analysts to verify the accuracy of each claim. Our revenue cycle management services are complete and we leave no stone unturned to increase your profitability.


To avoid all these billing related pitfalls podiatrists need to utilize Podiatry billing Experts like AHCBS that have deep experience with podiatry billing. It takes not just experience but a thorough understanding of your field to ensure your payment reaches you.


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